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Recro PVC Wires & Cables is known for its unique product range, Rerco is one of the leading wire and cable manufacturers in India. We manufacture and supply the best wires and cables to our clients. We have been operating successfully for more than 30 years. We provide the supreme quality cables & wires. We make sure that our wires are packed with a trustworthy material in order to maintain safety and security of the customers.

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We've helped businesses increase their revenue on average by 90% in their first year with us!

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We Are From 35 Years In The Market

Recro PVC Cables and Wires is a name which you can trust. Our 30 years of experience speaks in our favor. We have been manufacturing and supplying the best quality wires for years.

Customer Satisfaction

We make sure that our clients get the best products from our store. Customer satisfaction is our only motto and hence we take your feedback and try to improve on the things you think we lag behind.

Best PVC Wires and Cables

You will find the best PVC cables and wires in our store. We ensure safety as well as the standard quality of the wires